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50 thousand visitors to Ajloun during the Eid holiday

During the days of Eid al-Adha, the Ajloun governorate witnessed an active tourist movement, where Ajloun Castle, archaeological sites, parks, tourist products, and those coming within the “Our Jordan is a Paradise” program, about 50,000 visitors to enjoy the natural atmosphere, the picturesque nature and the pleasant atmosphere in the various regions of the governorate.

The Director of Tourism in Ajloun, Muhammad Al-Deek, said that the Ministry of Tourism has developed a program to stimulate tourism during the Eid al-Adha holiday, which includes facilitating the entry of tourists to archaeological sites at reasonable prices for all, especially reservations for environmental camps, tourist facilities and restaurants, in addition to developing and rehabilitating many tourist sites, including Mar Elias and the creation of New offices for visitors, in addition to implementing continuous cleaning campaigns in coordination and partnership with a number of environmental and voluntary institutions and associations.
He pointed out that about 5,000 visitors visited the historic Ajloun Castle during the Eid al-Adha holiday, and 12 buses within the program of the Ministry of Tourism, Our Jordan is a Paradise, also visited the governorate and its tourist areas, and about 35,000 visitors were received by resorts, restaurants, camps and tourist facilities, pointing out that in the event of operating the largest tourism project (Telefric ).
Head of the Tourism and Antiquities Committee in the Governorate Council Munther Al-Zogoul said that Eid Al-Adha gave families an opportunity to stroll and roam in the distinguished tourist and archaeological sites in the governorate, which is full of them, places of entertainment and play for children and environmental facilities, including the Ajloun Forest Reserve and the Ashtafina tourist area, which makes it a magnet for tourists, hikers and visitors from Inside the Kingdom and brotherly and foreign countries, calling on hikers and visitors to maintain the cleanliness of the places they inhabit in search of rest, relaxation and enjoyment of the picturesque nature, indicating that the provincial council has prepared a plan within its allocations for this year to rehabilitate and restore sites and places that need maintenance and restoration.
Head of the Investment and Labor Committee in the Provincial Council, Muhammad al-Baoul, confirmed that the forest areas, especially the Ashtafina forests and the Ajloun Forest Reserve, witnessed a large tourist movement by trekkers who spread out on the sides of the roads to enjoy the beauty of the forests and landscapes.