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Madaba - The Capital of Arab Tourism

The Minister of Tourism Nayef Hamidi Al Fayez sponsored yesterday the official ceremony for Madaba winning the title of Arab Tourism Capital for 2022, in the Dead Sea Panorama, in the presence of the President of the Arab Tourism Organization Dr. Bandar bin Fahd Al Fahid, ministers, deputies and ambassadors and popular associations and events in Madaba Governorate.

Al-Fayez said that the ministry worked despite the circumstances imposed by the Corona pandemic, with the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II and the accomplishment of the mission in spreading the spirit in all joints of the tourism sector in order to flourish again and contribute more to the national economy, and the figures began to speak that tourism income exceeded by the end of this year to 2.9 billion dinars, which was targeted in the national strategy for tourism.

He indicated that the numbers in the first half of this year exceeded 1.9 million visitors, and we are awaiting the results of tourism income, which we expect to exceed 1.5 billion dinars for the first half of this year.

Al-Fayez said, "It was really a challenge before us to present what befits Madaba, and about more than 5,000 years of civilization and in the footsteps of saints, companions and prophets. She has always been dear to Jordan, and she has a special love in the heart of every Jordanian, and she is proud of her, her family, her history and every corner of her.

He added, "Madaba today, which hosts many archaeological sites, is rightfully one of the most important governorates on the Jordanian, Arab and international tourism map. God has blessed it with a distinguished location and diversity in climate and terrain that made this good spot a center for the stability of many civilizations, which left us with a history.

Al-Fayez said, "When we talk about Madaba, we are talking about the history and civilization of the city of mosaics and Christian pilgrimages, about the city of industries and handicrafts, and about the authenticity of its people, their hospitality and their community."

He stressed, "Our celebration of Madaba winning the title of Arab Tourism Capital for 2022, which will have a clear impact on the development of the tourism sector in the country as a whole, as it will contribute to enhancing the attraction of projects in various fields to invest in the unique natural, cultural and heritage resources in Madaba and its vicinity."

He said that the events and activities in Madaba governorate started since the beginning of the year and will continue until the end of the year with many festivals, art exhibitions, forums, competitions, handicraft exhibitions, as well as musical, theatrical and folk performances, international competitions and conferences, training workshops, and many activities to highlight the talents of Jordanians and Jordanian writers and poets. And innovators in every field.

He continued, "The Ministry of Tourism has worked hard to develop tourism in Jordan and make it an Arab and international tourist destination due to the Kingdom s unique tourism potentials, and the selection of Madaba as the capital of Arab tourism for 2022 came to contribute to encouraging the inter-Arab tourism movement, and to communicating with cultures and civilizations in all regions." across the globe.”

Dr. Al F ahidadded that the Corona pandemic caused great losses in the tourism sector, so countries worked to develop strategic plans to support the tourism sector, including Jordan, which indicates that the tourism sector is a major industry that deserves cooperation and solidarity to advance it.

The ceremony included the playing of musical pieces by the orchestra of the National Conservatory of Music and a bouquet of symphonic compositions written and conducted by Maestro Dr. Haitham Sukkarieh.

On the sidelines of the launch of the events, a ceremony to launch the events of Madaba, the capital of Arab tourism for 2022, was held at the Madaba Visitors Center, events that included music for the armed forces, a book fair, the launch of the “Art in the Service of Tourism” initiative, a bazaar for industries and handicrafts, paragraphs by Jordanian poets and a lyrical segment. For the Knights of the Badia Division, in addition to publishing books for a number of Jordanian writers.

An exhibition was also held at the Madaba Institute for Mosaic Art, an exhibition for the production of mosaic panels for archaeological monuments, and the publication of a book documenting mosaic sites in Madaba, while the Minister of Tourism sponsored the graduation of the Arab Tourism Capital Regiment, and a photo exhibition of the Hashemite march, along with a folklore paragraph from Theban.