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Dead Sea Panorama

Dead Sea Panoramic Complex

Dead Sea Panoramic Complex is Perched at the edge of the Zara mountain range, between Ma’in hot springs and the Dead Sea basin, the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex offers some of the most spectacular views in the Kingdom.

From the observation terrace you can absorb breathtaking vistas over the Jordan Rift Valley and Dead Sea basin and you can dine in style watching sunrise or sunset over the mountains of the Holy Land.

There is also a large and fascinating museum devoted to the natural and cultural history of the Dead Sea, a Nature Shop and a range of other attractions and activities suitable for both adults and children

I heard that bus is now planned to connect to this site, but for the time being to charter a taxi is the only way to go there for most of tourists. If you visit the Dead Sea or Hammamat Main, it might be good to drop at this "The Dead Sea Panorama Complex".

This new building opened in 2006 is called "The Dead Sea Panorama Complex". "Panorama" comes from its excellent location that looks down over the Dead Sea. It includes a geological museum and a restaurant. It is run by RSCN.

This building was developed with the supports of JBIC (loaning). At the same time, a long road was made from Madaba to a place called "Amman beach" which is on the north east coast of the Dead Sea. This road makes a direct shortcut between those two places.

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Environmental Education Program

The permanent exhibition of the Dead Sea Museum is located within the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex, and covers all aspects of the Dead Sea including its geological, ecological, archeological, and historical origins, as well as the future conservation of the Dead Sea. The permanent exhibition hall is divided into four sections corresponding to four different themes: Origins of the Dead Sea, Eco-system, Man and the Dead Sea, and Will the Dead Sea Really Die?


The Dead Sea Museum introduces visitors to the physical and chemical characteristics of the Dead Sea, while highlighting the relationship between the Dead Sea and human beings, in an attempt to promote the conservation and protection of the area. The full story of the Dead Sea is relayed with the use of panels, videos, and models to help clarify the conservation needs of the Dead Sea. Two documentary films, “Ecology of the Dead Sea” and “Dead Sea in Danger”, are also on display in the museum.

The education program at the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex also encourages students to participate in several experiments which involve comparing Dead Sea water to fresh water and normal sea water.

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The museum will answer all of your questions about the Dead Sea, such as, why is the Dead Sea called the Dead Sea? The museum is a timeline. You walk through the past, present and future of the Sea. The biblical references, the healing powers and the concerns for the preservation were all topics addressed. The museum is not very large, but it does pack a lot of punch.

At the lookout point, you can practically see the entire Dead Sea. It’s truly an amazing experience when you look out and see such a beautiful natural wonder. Even though there are resorts and roads right off the Sea, it appears that nature has never been obstructed. Across the way, you can see the West Bank and at night you can see the lights of Jerusalem.

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The Dead Sea Panoramic Complex is a must see. It can be a fun day trip on Dead Sea Area or you can make it part of a weekend at the Dead Sea. Even if you are on your way to one of the many 5 star resorts on the Sea, I would still stop at the Complex. You will not get a better view or a better historical perspective of the Dead Sea.