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Refund & Cancellation Policy


A refund will normally be made to the same account and using the same method used for the original payment. Cancelation in not refunded at all if occures withing the last 30 days before starting of the tour. 


Cancellation fees for ground services will normally be charged according to the following scale:

- Up to 30 days before starting of the tour: 0% will be charged (Fully refunded )

- Any cancellation within the last 30 days is 100% charged and no refund is issued at all.

Rules and Regulations for The Group Tours

All Group Tours are none- Refundable ( Once you book you will pay 50% to confirm your booking ) this deposite is NOT refundable if you cancel your trip (We have very limited seats on these tours and once you book the seat will be reserved for you and won t be available on our system for others to book it - and usually travelers book their seats in advance ) 

All Jordan group tours have fixed itineraries and departure dates that can’t be changed

Group tours are not suitable for elderly people, families or people with disabilities

Our group tours are suitable for people who have fixed plans to visit the country. 

All our Group Tours are confirmed and good to go as they are available for booking - Trip will go even with one travler ( with no extra charges).