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Best Jordan Tours

Best Jordan Tours

If you want to spend your holiday in Jordan, you can have one of the Best Jordan Tours which is managed by our office. Visiting Jordan nowadays is a must to see the ruins around Jordan from the whole civilizations. Jordan once was on the Trade route because of this many civilizations settled on the Jordanian cities & built the ancient cities. 

Jordan Travel

Jordan Travel

If you are having Jordan in your mind to visit, then don’t hesitate & be a part of Jordan Travel. Due to COVID-19 visiting Jordan has become more difficult for having many instructions as the other countries have in order to control the Pandemic. From the declaration forum to have a COVID test on the Airport.

Jordan Group Tours

Jordan Group Tours

Jordan is considered one of the best destinations to visit, as it is rich in historical sites. Once you think of traveling to Jordan, you can check and see Jordan Private Tours which presents and has 2 & 3 Days Group tours.

Jordan Private Tours

Jordan Private Tours

Jordan now is one of the best destinations to visit for having many sites with fascinating ruins which are worth discovering by tourists around the world. If you want to visit Jordan by yourself, with your family or friends you can choose our Jordan Private Tours and travel around Jordan with your own driver and car.

Jordan Trip

Jordan Trip

 Jordan, Is an Arab Muslim country, located in the north of the Arabian Peninsula and in West Asia. Jordan is named for the Jordan River, which passes on its western border, and Amman is capital.The official language is Arabic, and English is the first foreign language as in most countries around the world.

2020 Travelers Choice Best of The Best Winner

 Jordan private tours and travel is proud to announce the winning of 2020 Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Award winner.

global peace scale

Jordan jumps four ranks on global peace scale

Jordan has climbed four spots in the 2018 Global Peace Index (GPI) ranking as the 98th most peaceful country in the world.The report, published annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), indicated that Jordan ranked at the 7th level in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Baptism Site: More needs to be done

In three consecutive visits to the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ on the east bank of River Jordan, I noticed that its visitors are fewer than those who come to a location on the west bank of the river, whose founders claim that it is the place where Jesus Christ was baptised. I asked officials at the site about the reasons behind this huge difference in the number of visitors between the two locations on both sides of the river.

Umm El-Jimal

Umm El-Jimal Archaeological Site ready for tourists

Highlighting the site’s cultural and historic significance, U.S. Ambassador to Jordan Alice G. Wells visited Umm Al JimalArchaelological Site near Mafraq to celebrate the completion of preservation of Houses XVII and XVIII (two of the largest of 150 homes from the fifth and sixth centuries AD).

mosaic in the dead sea

Dead sea ( part ii) -mosaic in the dead sea

Protecting the antiquities of the Southern Ghawr(s) has been a difficult task for the Jordanian Department of Antiquities. The problem is complicated by poor economic conditions of the local people and the development of lands containing underground unknown ancient sites.

Jordan visa fees

If Jordan waives visa fees, will tourists come?

Jordan will waive its 40 dinar ($57) visa fee for incoming tourists to make visits to Jordan “more convenient and affordable for people of all nationalities,” according to a government press release.The action aims to boost tourism to kingdom attractions such as Petra,

Tourism’s contribution to gdp will rise despite regional turmoil

Despite the impact of the regional turmoil on the Kingdom’s tourism sector, a recent international report expected better indicators for the sector’s contribution to the country’s economy in the current year.

Jordan Petra Colonnaded Street

Who built petra of jordan ?

Its majestic facade hidden behind huge rocks, approachable only by a small opening, this city built thousands of years back in the desert of Jordan still holds all the magic and mystery that its builders left behind - Petra of Jordan.It probably all began with water — a necessary ingredient especially in the desert.

Jordan Tours Photo

Jordan Tours

Want a great holiday with peace of mind knowing that everything is looked after with hands-on assistance? Jordan Private Tours & Travel has the perfect answer. We have been offering personalized Jordan tours to experience the spectacular Jordan archaeological sightings -Petra, Amman, Jerash, castles, as well as desert wonders -Wadi Rum, and much more.