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Fly Jordan starts Amman-Beirut route

The first planes of the Fly Jordan Airlines landed in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, announcing a new launch of a new flight line. These flights are part of the company’s plans to operate two flights per week during the summer, which is one of the most beautiful tourist cities on the Mediterranean coast.

The General Manager of Fly Jordan, confirmed that the trip was well received by the tourists, who expressed their great joy in this new and enjoyable experience, which was characterized by the price close to the price of land trips by bus, and this encourages citizens to travel by plane to Beirut.
The distinguished services provided by the company will contribute to increasing the tourism activity between Jordan and Lebanon.
The company will start, during the next stage, several new destinations that meet the demands of travelers to spend the most beautiful tourist holidays; Where these areas were chosen to give the opportunity for everyone to enjoy new tourist destinations, which will change the tourist map for Jordanians and will carry the traveler to where he wants at the lowest prices and the best services.