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The occupancy rate of Aqaba hotels in the past two months has increased to 50%

On Wednesday, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority organized an awareness workshop for the security services operating in various institutions in the Aqaba Governorate to discuss instructions for dealing with diving equipment and devices allowed to be brought in through the border crossings to facilitate tourists.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Authority, Commissioner of Tourism, Sharhabeel Madi, said that this workshop comes within the first stage to raise awareness of the use of diving devices and the instructions to allow or prevent them through border crossings, indicating that similar workshops will be held in the capital Amman and the border governorates to introduce the importance of dealing with these devices within own instructions.
He stressed the importance of the cooperation of all agencies concerned in this field, leading to the successful implementation of the instructions to facilitate tourists and visitors, pointing to the role of the specialized associations in this field to market and promote diving tourism and to make the entry process for tourists easy and without any difficulties.
Madi indicated that Aqaba is on the verge of a recovery in the tourism movement during the next season, whether at the level of domestic or foreign tourism, noting that the hotel occupancy rate has increased during the past two months from 20 to 50 percent; This requires tourism stakeholders to pay attention to the marketing and promotional process of the tourist city of Aqaba in particular and the Golden Triangle (Aqaba - Petra - Wadi Rum) in general.
The workshop participants presented a guide to diving equipment that is not allowed to be brought into the border crossings, such as rubber boats, diving cylinders and underwater fishing guns. The equipment allowed to be brought in are fins, goggles, gloves, shoes, buoyancy jacket, diving suit, cameras and other devices and equipment that help to complete the diving process in the waters of the Gulf of obstacle.