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Haya Theatre

Haya Theatre Festival to Showcase Worldwide Productions

AMMAN — For a third consecutive year, the Haya Cultural Centre is presenting the “Haya Theatre Festival”, according to a statement by the organisation.

 The festival, which began on September 28 and will run until October 27, will feature theatre shows, workshops and family activities for children and youth.

 The month-long event will showcase internationally renowned productions from Italy, France and Denmark, in addition to joint productions between Haya Cultural Centre and international theatres in Australia and the United Kingdom, the statement said, adding that it will also include weekly theatrical plays, and each production will uniquely convey inspirational messages to audiences through distinctive artistic manners.

 Diala Khamra, general manager of Haya Cultural Centre, said: “The Haya Theatre Festival brings innovative theatre experiences from different parts of the world to our children here in Jordan. To make the festival accessible to as many children as possible, a number of performances have also been dedicated to children from our partner community-based-organisations in the governorates."

 “In addition to families and children, the festival also offers local artists a chance to work alongside international artists and exchange experience through a series of intensive workshops covering different aspects of theatre production,” she added.

 The festival kicked off with “Now and Tomorrow”, a co-production between Haya Cultural Centre and Australian based Terrapin Puppet Theatre. For the second week, “CUBiX” from France will be featured followed by the Italian production “A Sky for the Bears”. During the festival’s fourth week, another joint production between Haya Cultural Centre and Vision Mechanics, a UK based theatre company, will showcase the play, “Little Light”. “Listen”, from Denmark, will conclude the festival.