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Baptism Site

Eleven Thousands Tourists at the Baptism Site

The site manager of the Baptism of Jesus Christ (Baptism site - Bethany Beyond Jordan) Eng. Diyaa Al-Madani showed that the number of visitors to the Baptism site for the last month of October, reached nearly 11,000 visitors and tourists, 

which is the same rate, compared with last year, pointing out that this number bodes season tourist good, especially in light of that seen in the region of instability. Al-Madani explained that most of the tourists who visited the Baptism site are  of America and Europe, pointing out that this active movement taking place in the Baptism site were the result of the efforts of the Commission and the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Board to promote this unique worldwide location, where the bath has become a direct popular destination for pilgrims.

Bethany 3 Baptism SiteAl-Madani  added that the number of Russian visitors to the guest house began to mount with the start of the influx of tourist groups, especially as the Baptism site provides visitors all means of comfort, noting that he is currently being worked on special passages open to pilgrims, commensurate with the nature and environment of tourist and religious site. And it has been the completion of the establishment of a permanent health facilities overlooking the Jordan River, in addition to processing plants for shopping to be able to visitor after the end of the tourist tour of buying souvenirs and gifts, as well as foods and beverages, noting that the site revenues increased during the last month, with a high number of visitors, where became a full site management costs and staff salaries, and development projects covered by these revenues. Worth mentioning that the Baptism site itself is a part of our Daily trip to Dead sea - Dead Sea Day Tour , and it takes around 3 hours to complete this event before we continue our trip to the Dead sea area.