Petra High Place Of Sacrifice Photo

High Place Of Sacrifice - (200 Bc 200 Ad) - Back Route Trail

This is one of the most interesting trails in Petra area, in fact; this is my favorite trail. Visiting and exploring historical places on this part of Petra is amazing because every time I’m taking this trail I feel like if I’m the first and the only visitor who is discovering this area because it is very rare  to see someone moving all over the trail ,

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Petra Monastery Photo 01

Secrets of Petra

Petra is a huge place, and you need definitely number of days in order to visit most important sites on Petra  city, and longer time indeed to visit every place on Petra.Some places are not visited at all by the tourists mostly cause of the lake of time on their schedule even these places does worth a trip visit,

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Jerash Day Tour Photo

Jerash, The age of exploration

For centuries the ancient Biblical lands east of the Jordan lay derelict and deserted. In A.D. I 122, the crusader William of Tyre noted that Jerash was reduced to a mass of ruins. A terrible torpor had settled on this almost forgotten land which persisted right up to the beginning of the nineteenth century.

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Jerash Day Tour Photo1 2017

Jerash Day Trip in A Photo

This is one of my articles series that I started with few months ago , where I decided to walk along a Day Trip on each of the main sites in Jordan , So I’ve already posted Petra Day Trip in a Photo ,and that article contains hundreds of detailed photos about Petra , and how is going to look in a quick day trip tour,

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