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Why Visiting Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum, Jordan is a 720sqkm valley (wadi is the Arabic term for valley) in the south of Jordan. It’s also known as the Valley of the Moon.

With its rich, red sand and huge granite rock formations complete with Nabataean rock paintings, it looks like Mars.

If you think you would enjoy a desert adventure riding camels, 4×4 jeep drives over sand dunes and climbing up huge rock to view the sunset and camping out under the stars in a Bedouin Camp, then yes, Wadi Rum is worth visiting.

Two Hours Jeep tour activity at Rum: for 2 hrs jeep tour  We pass Lawrence spring on the way and we stop at 4 different places- Starting from the Arch bridge to the Sand Dunes . Places Visited : Al-Qatar Spring , Al-Kazhali Canyon ., The Small Arch bridge., Sand Dunes.