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Ajloun: Beginning of the adjustment, calibration and inspection of the cable car cabins

The General Director of the Development Zones, the head of the engineering team of the cable car project, Engineer Arwa Al-Hiyari, said that the control, calibration and examination of the cable car cabins began on Thursday, as part of the activities related to the examination and operation of the system, as the project is expected to be completed in the middle of this year, summer of 2022.

Al-Hiyari said in a statement yesterday that citizens and visitors to the Ajloun governorate will see, during the coming period, and as of yesterday, the cable car cabins (enclosed with temporary protection and safety cover) on the cable car, moving between the towers, which number 40 cabins, while they are subject to inspection, control and calibration operations using payloads and weights. Multiple dedicated to this end in order to ensure the standards of public safety and to achieve all safety requirements.
And she indicated that no one is allowed to enter or use the vehicles, according to the technical procedures followed by the Austrian Doppler company, the manufacturer of the system, during this stage.
She added, that these checks include monitoring the speed and movement, as well as monitoring the torque and handles of the cabins and their movement, in addition to checking the monitoring of sensors and brake systems.
She indicated that work is currently underway to examine the cable car system and cabins within several hypothetical operational scenarios for different weather conditions and for variable and multiple operational loads.
She emphasized that this aims to achieve and ensure standards of public safety and sustainability of the systems, as no person (other than specialists) will be allowed to use the system during the period of the initial operation checks according to the instructions of the system manufacturer, which includes the operation examination of all components of the system separately and integrated for all normal and emergency mechanical and electrical systems The most important of which is the cable car track guidance system. She pointed out that the cable car project, with its main elements of towers and cabins, has become a major part of the wonderful features of Ajloun s forests, and comes as a realization of the royal vision in the development area in Ajloun to advance the components of the place and the person.
She said that the project will work to provide a new tourism and investment product in the Kingdom, thus developing and developing tourism investment in Ajloun Governorate, motivating the accompanying investment and economic activities and accelerating the wheel of economic development in the governorate, which will contribute to the growth and development of many tourism and production projects.
The cable car project consists of two starting stations in the Ashtafina forests, and the arrival, which is located 550 meters west of Ajloun Castle, and includes 40 cabins, each with a capacity of 8 people, and the duration of one trip between the two stations is 10 minutes in one direction along the cable car track of 2552 meters.
The Jordanian Group for Free Zones and Development Zones confirmed that the Ajloun cable car project in the Al-Sawwan development area is still under implementation and under construction with its two parts represented in the cable car system on the one hand, and the public site and what it contains of investment opportunities and public facilities on the other hand, as it is expected that the project will be completed in middle of this year.