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Victoria passed Petra Challenge successfully

Victoria came to visit Jordan on Nov 29 and stayed for four days in the country , where she was  planning to visit Petra and Wadi Rum. Victoria was looking toward a long hike on here trip specially in Petra area , and she made it clear on Jordan Trip preparation that she is looking for hiking and hiking ... and this was the beginning of the  challenge story …

in simple words No one ever through my long visits to Petra was able to visit Petra main three sites at same day ( this is about 15 Kilometers of walking + 2000 stairs step ) ,For those who don t know Petra and never visited this amazing place, briefly I would say that the whole place can be visited if we reached three main sites which are the Treasury , the Monastery and the Area of Sacrifice.

Petra WadiRum 1

The Treasury, is usually the first place you will see after walking 3 Kilometers through the Siq ( deep and narrow canyon), and from there you will walk for another 3  Kilometers (through Petra city where you will see all other sites as well like The court and Qaser Al-Bint, etc …)   till you reach the first step which takes you up  to the Monastery, and you just need to walk 850 stairs ,and believe me , it doe s worth it , the walk between the hells up to the Monastery is amazing and cannot be described, and afterwards , we still need to pass through more steps till we reach the highest point at the mountains if you are interested with the view , locals used to call it (the Heights place on earth – and they mean of course Petra). After that we need to go our way back , down 850 stairs and take in consideration that we still need to walk around 5 Kilometers on our way back ,and usually the visitors will be exhausted once they gets down and hardly can get out … and her comes the challenge which is moving toward the Area of Sacrifice ( About 3 hours of walking – 4 Kilometers and around 1000 stairs step) , I used to keep this site till the end because I was quite sure that if we take the Area of Sacrifice first then we would not continue to the Monastery, and it has never happened with me before that someone was able to take the challenge till Victoria came , So Victoria Hooker was the first one who succeeded to achieve this challenge … We started the trip at 08:00 and returned back to the vehicle at 17:00

Petra WadiRum 7

( 9 amazing hours of continuous active hiking)

At the evening time we moved toward Wadi Rum, and spend the night at a Bedouin camp , next day we walked up early morning - before the sunrise - and walked to the nearest mountain , and climbed it up in order to get the best sunrise view , even it was windy and cold but believe me it does worth it , we enjoyed the sunrise , took some photos and returned back to the camp before breakfast time ...

 Petra WadiRum 8

After the breakfast, we started the Jeep tour in Rum valley , where we visited Lawrence springs and climbed up the hills till we reached the spring itself, later on we moved to Al-Ghazali canyon , Umm Fruth bridge, and finally ended our trip to a large sand dunes