Soak up Every Moment

Soak up every moment with THE most joyful tour guide - If you're visiting Jordan, Mustafa is

your guy! Mustafa is THE most joyful tour guide I've ever met and clearly adores his country. He knows so much about the history, culture and, of course, sights and shared them with us with such passion. I loved that he hiked WITH us (instead of just dropping us off at the entrance) to the very top of every sight we wanted to see. I loved that he gave us time to really soak up every moment (instead of being rushed to take a picture and move on). I loved that he interacted with us and also gave us our free space to roam around. I loved that our group was small and were able to adjust our schedule based on our wishes (instead of a big giant bus full of loud tourists). I loved that he always made sure we were hydrated and fed. He's a great photographer as well! I did A LOT of research and tour agencies and none of them even come close to the experience that Mustafa has provided. Thank you, ever so much! I will cherish this experience for a lifetime! I will be back to visit you when you have your telescope so we can go stargazing in the desert!


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