Are there any restaurants available inside Petra itself?

There is a restaurant's area inside Petra itself on the way to the Monastery, and they open daily buffet from 12:00 till 15:00. Our driver will give you all details regarding suitable places for meals and toilets according to trip schedule - best places to stop on the way.


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Are there specific days to do Petra at night - Petra by Night ? How much does it cost?

Petra by night is  every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, starting at 20:00, You can buy the ticket there for 17JD/P

Petra by night activity is arranged by a private company so you can do the visit as long as you purchased this activity ticket , and you don’t need to have Petra ticket at all ( Saying this, you just need Petra one day ticket for the main Petra tour same day or next day )

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Can I explore Petra myself after the 2 hours or should I pay extra for tour guide?

In Petra you just need to follow the path, and they have explanation signs on each place you reach, you will be given a sitemap with the ticket at Petra  visitor center, and each spot on Petra has explaining signs with 3 major languages. A local site tour guide along Petra (for site detailed information) can be requested if desired.

Local tour guides can be requested and arranged in Petra Visitor center if not included at your itinerary, and it will cost 50 JD (around 70$) for basic trail coverage - around 2-3 hours.


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Can we do camel ride at Petra?

Camel ride would be possible at Petra, and if you are planning to, then it is recommended on your way back either after completing Petra main trail, or after coming back from the Monastery - most people will be exhausted after completing this.

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Can we do Petra & Rum tour in one Day ?

The main issue with Petra and Wadi Rum tour actually in winter time in one day is timing itself , and  it might be difficult to do because: It takes 3 hours driving from Amman to reach Petra .

Petra site is huge and the minimum recommended time to spend on the site is 4 hours (Some people spend full day in the site from sunrise to sunset ) , Driving time from Petra to Wadi Rum is 2 hours, The minimum tour time at Wadi Rum is around 2 hours ( Jeep Safari tour ). Sunset time is around 04:30. Saying this , and even if you started from Amman early morning at 07:00, reach Petra at 10:00 , take the tour and leaves at 14:00 , reach Wadi Rum at 16:00 - no enough time to make even the Jeep tour at Wadi Rum..

We usually cover Petra and Wadi Rum in two day tour and spending the night at Rum vallely as well, saying all this however; it would be possible during summer time, where sunset time at Wadi Rum is around 7pm.

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How much does Petra tour cost starting from Amman ?

Petra day tour from Amman for one traveler would cost 160$ ( Not including entry fees or tour guide).

Petra and Rum from Amman would cost 499$ for one person including one night at Rum with dinner + breakfast + Jeep Safari tour at Rum for 2 hours  ( Not including entry fees or tour guide). full guided tour - escorted with a licensed tour guide would cost more for sure. Price becomes more convenient for more travelers. 

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Is it necessary to get a tour guide along Petra or the offered 2-3 hours will be enough?

Kindly note that 2-3 hours tour guide, will cover Petra main trail: all area -from visitor center -basin area  (Restaurant area) starts with the Siq , the Treasury, Street of  facade, Theater, Royal Tombs,Great Temple Complex  and princess palace, later on you can walk all the way to Monastery by yourself if you want.

NB: Tour guide at Petra is optional and is not included on some tours, So check out your tour itinerary carefully before you proceed with your booking. 


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New Discovery in Petra, Jordan

 In the heart of the ancient Petra, a preliminary survey and excavation of the "Lower Market" in 1998 disclosed a monumental swimming pool, dubbed Petra Garden and Pool Complex (PGPC).

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Petra Visitors Continue to Increase in First Quarter of 2019

 AMMAN — The number of foreign visitors to Petra in the first three months of 2019 increased by 53 per cent to 219,503 guests, compared with the same period of 2018, when the ancient city welcomed 143,345 visitors, the Petra Development and Tourism Regional Authority (PDTRA) announced on Monday.

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What is the best way to follow at Petra? Where to start from?

First suggested trail to visit Petra: from visitor center -Basin area  (Restaurant area) starts with the Siq , the Treasury, Street of  facade, Theater, Royal Tombs, Great Temple Complex  and princess palace, can be taken in first day - 4 hrs and it will cost you 50 JD, later on you can walk all the way to Monastery in the same day- 2 hrs and it can be self guided (with guide will cost you another 50 JD).

Way 2 in the second day- from visitor center to High Area of Sacrifice and Back Area (Wadi Farasa) and the guide will cost you 50 JD (Guide is Highly Recommended) , you may continue to Mount Aroun in that day (Guide is recommended and will cost you 50 JD)

During my hundreds of visits to Petra, I was able to cover the main trail, the Monastery and the back trail - Wadi Farasa and high area of Sacrifice few times, this involves walking of around 16km, and climbing over 2000 steps, equivalent to going 213 floors according to my iphone health application.

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What Kind of Animals We Might Use at Petra , and How Often We Need to Use any

​Petra is a huge site , and you will get the chance to ride on different stages at Petra according to your desire and ability to walk ​ :

  • you may ​take the free horse ride from Petra visitors center to the beginning of the Siq (about 600 meters - 5 $ tip is expected to the horse man )
  • you may take a carriage from Petra visitors center till the Treasury ( 2 km - cost 25 ​ Jds for 2 ​ including the way back at the end of the day ) ,
  • You may take horse or camel ride from the treasury to the first step to the Monastery ( 2.5 km - around 15 Jds / p )
  • You may take donkeys on going up to the Monastery ( 800 steps - around 10 Jds / p)
  • You may take any ​according to same order during your way back To visitor's center. 
  • Prices are negotiable and depends on the season as well. 
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