Petra City

Candle-lit Petra celebrates 11 years as world wonder

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The Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority (PDTRA) on Saturday organised several activities to celebrate the 11th anniversary of Petra’s selection as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. On July 7, 2007, Petra won a spot in the popularity poll, led by Canadian-Swiss Bernard Weber and organised by the New7Wonders Foundation based in Switzerland, out of 21 finalist ancient sites across the globe, and became one of the New Seven Wonders.

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Jordan Tourism Board

Jordan Tourism Board sets goals for increased numbers of visitors this year

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The Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) is working on a plan to boost promotions to the country’s attractions with the aim of attracting tourists from the Gulf counties, Asia and Europe, an official said on Thursday.“As part of the plan, we will soon start running commercials and launch promotional activities to attract tourists from these markets,” JTB Director General Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat told The Jordan Times on Thursday.

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Ramadan Activities in Jordan

Cultural activities, Ramadan nightlife coalesce at park

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The culture of parks and the atmosphere of Ramadan were brought to life when Night at the Park kicked off in Amman on Wednesday. The event, which concluded on Friday at The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts Park in Jabal Luweibdeh, included a set of activities such as storytelling, a literature corner, an art section, musical performances and other entertaining family activities, according to organiser Hind Jucka.

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Standing for centuries, Azraq Castle has more to tell

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The weathered stone walls of the Azraq Castle, located some 100 kilometres East of Amman, have witnessed much of human history, serving as a strategic site in Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic times.A scholar said that studies of the history of the fortification are not complete.

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Plan to turn former Jubeiha Amusement Park into public park announced

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AMMAN — Implementation of a master plan to transform Jubeiha Amusement Park, which authorities shut down permanently last year, into a public park is scheduled for next year.The Jubeiha Amusement Park will become a gated public park that offers entertainment services and an outdoor space for various activities for all categories of the community, including families, the youth and children, Greater Amman Municipality (GAM).

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Natural ingredients key to Jerash’s famous dairy produce

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Among Jordanians, the city of Jerash is famous for its high quality, fresh dairy products, which are still prepared using traditional methods. 

Visitors to Jerash often purchase Labaneh Jarashiyeh, a kind of strained yoghurt, which is a signature product of the city, 48km north of Amman. 

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Petra Day Tour

Petra’s tourism continues recovery, expecting promising season

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The number of visitors to Petra in the first half of 2018 increased by 45 per cent compared with the same period of last year, an official said. Petra Development and Tourism Region Authority Chief Commissioner Falah Al Omoush said that 322,579 foreign and 65,492 Arab and Jordanian visitors visited the ancient city of Petra in the first six months of this year.

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forsaken areas

Community-based tourism reinstills life in forsaken areas

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AMMAN — Driven by a passion for sustainable tourism that stimulates economic growth, while conserving and protecting cultural heritage and natural resources, Jordanian Muna Haddad started exploring the tourism landscape around the Kingdom. AMMAN — Driven by a passion for sustainable tourism that stimulates economic growth, while conserving and protecting cultural heritage and natural resources, Jordanian Muna Haddad started exploring the tourism landscape around the Kingdom. 

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First of-its-kind’ Hellenistic temple discovered in Umm Qais

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 A “first-of-its-kind” Hellenistic temple in the Levant region has been discovered in Umm Qais, an archaeologist said on Monday.

An archaeological excavation team from Yarmouk University has recently discovered a Hellenistic temple and network of water tunnels, Atef Sheyyab, president of the archaeology department at the university told the Jordan Times.

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Baptism Site

Jordan’s Baptism Site receives ‘much fewer’ tourists than West Bank’s site

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Despite its international recognition, the Baptism Site on the eastern side of the Jordan River receives “way fewer” visitors than the one located in the occupied West Bank, experts said. Jordan’s Baptism Site “Bethany Beyond Jordan” has been authenticated as the place where Jesus Christ was baptised, based on historical accounts of ancient pilgrims who documented their visits, the New Testament and archaeological findings and buildings, according to archaeologists. 

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Amman City

Abdali Boulevard comes alive with Ramadan spirit activities

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AMMAN — Taking advantage of the bustling numbers of visitors coming to enjoy their evening time after Iftar, the Abdali Boulevard is coming alive with the enchanting ambiance of “The Arabesque Nights” these days.AMMAN — Taking advantage of the bustling numbers of visitors coming to enjoy their evening time after Iftar, the Abdali Boulevard is coming alive with the enchanting ambiance of “The Arabesque Nights” these days.

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Peace Through Tourism Awards

Winners of 1st ‘Peace Through Tourism Awards’ announced

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The Resilience Through Tourism Summit (RTTS), an international conference that took place in Amman on Tuesday and Wednesday, has announced the winners of the world’s first International Peace Through Tourism Awards which have been launched to highlight global tourism’s contribution to peace and prosperity.

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Jordan launches Amman International Film Festival

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New event will focus on first features from the Arab world.

The Royal Film Commission Jordan (RFC) is launching a film festival aimed at debut features from the Arab world as well as promoting the country’s burgeoning pool of professional film and TV crew.

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Spanish Archaeological Mission strives to excavate Jordan’s treasures

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AMMAN — For archaeological expert Juan Ramón Muñiz, the Spanish Archaeological Mission in Jordan is a symbol of “the cultural friendship that exists between the two countries, with bonds that transcend the sole scientific purposes”.
Muñiz, who is the director of the ongoing excavations at Jabal Al Mutawwaq — a site located along the Zarqa River, a few kilometres southeast of Jerash and 48km north of Amman — has come to find “a great collaboration” between the two countries at an institutional level.
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Qusayr Amra a lens onto production of early Islamic art

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AMMAN — The Second Janet Abu Lughod seminar, organised by Studio-X Amman and Sijal Institute for Arabic Language and Culture was a “wonderful opportunity to engage deeply with a diverse and bright group of participants in Amman on the singular topic of Qusayr Amra”, said Khaled Malas, a PhD candidate at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. 

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Souk Jara

Souk Jara kicks off on Rainbow Street

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 The annual Souk Jara reopened its doors to the public this Friday, kick-starting three months of the weekly open air bazaar.

Started some 14 years ago in collaboration with the Greater Amman Municipality, the artisanal market has become an iconic event that Ammanis look forward to every year, giving them a chance to enjoy a friendly outdoor venue to purchase handicrafts and home-made products.

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Wadi Rum residents insist area safe for tourists, criticize ministry ban

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Residents of Wadi Rum have complained of Tourism Ministry’s ban on tourists’ trips to their area, insisting that the area is safe for guests and unaffected by tribal protests over the Jafer case.

The Ministry of Tourism on Saturday instructed tour operators not to take tourists to Wadi Rum, according to a ministry document obtained by The Jordan Times on Monday.

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The plight of a forsaken Jordanian sculptor

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Although Khaled Munajid, a Jordanian sculptor in his sixties, has been described by his peers as "the living Michelangelo", he is still unable to make a decent living. The highly intricate art pieces he creates take an "extremely long time".Their inherent higher prices make them much harder to sell, he told The Jordan Times in a recent interview, noting that he "cannot produce quickly-made pieces" which would cover his family's expenses.

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Jordan’s Tourism Income Up 14.5% in Six Months

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The Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) said on Sunday that the kingdom saw a rise in tourism revenues by 14.5% during the first half of the year to a total of $2.1 billion.

In a press release, the CBJ attributed the rise in the sector’s income to the growth in the number of tourists by 9.9% year-on-year.

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