Petra City

Petra Ranked Top In The Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List

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 Jordan has been recognised for its amazing attractions and experiences in the latest Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List, released today, with four of the country’s sights making the list in total. The spectacular sandstone ancient city of Petra has been named as the number one bucket list experience in the world, with Jordan’s otherworldly rose-sand Wadi Rum desert, the Dead Sea and its natural healing powers, and the beautiful Dana Biosphere Reserve also making the list.

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QAIA Welcomed over 1.2 million Passengers

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 AMMAN — Airport International Group (AIG) revealed that Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) welcomed 1,233,484 passengers (PAX) during the first half of 2021, marking a 20.9 per cent and 70.3 per cent decline against 2020 and 2019 figures, respectively.

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Roman Times

Lecture Offers a Glimpse into Gerasa, Philadelphia under Roman Times

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 AMMAN — Following the intervention of Roman general Pompey the Great (106 BC-48 BC) in the Levant, Gerasa (Jerash) and Philadelphia (Amman) were integrated into a new province in the autumn of 63 BC, noted a French scholar during a lecture titled “Philadelphia-Amman: the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine City” recently organised by the French institute Ifpo.

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Decision to Reopen Airport Will Be ‘Gradual’

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 AMMAN — The decision to reopen the airport is going to be “gradual” and coordinated between the ministries of health and tourism, the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission and the Crisis Management Cell, Minister of Transport Khaled Saif said on Saturday.

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Lecture Explores History of Rabbot-Ammon

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 AMMAN — Rabbot-Ammon, literally “the Great [City] of Ammon”, was the capital of the Iron Age kingdom of Ammon, said a German archaeologist during a lecture titled “Rabbot-Ammon in the Iron Age”, which was recently organised by the French institute Ifpo.

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Webinar Held on Late Petra Project

Webinar Held on Late Petra Project

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 AMMAN — The Late Petra Project focuses on a settlement in the Petra region occupied after the Byzantine period, ca. 350-650AD,  and revises the common idea that the rose-red city was abandoned after this time, according to an Italian archaeologist.

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COVID-19 Travel

COVID-19 Update

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 All domestic tourism destinations are now open at full capacity for locals and expatriates residing in Jordan, COVID-19 is being effectively monitored, controlled and treated in Jordan.

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Jordan Tours

World Travel & Tourism Council Declares Jordan a Safe Destination

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 (Jordan - Sunday, July 5th The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced today that the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has awarded Jordan the “Safe Travels Stamp” thanks to Jordan’s health safety protocols that were deemed to be in line with the Council’s standards, which makes Jordan a safe destination for Travel & Tourism.

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