Jordan Two Days Trip

Petra - Wadi Rum - Gulf of Aqaba "Red Sea" & Dead Sea

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 Same Tour might be availalbe for three days on the Schedule below 

This is one of the most affordable tourism offers in Jordan, where we will visit 4 wonderful places and passing through amazing roads in Two-Days Trip... We will start our trip early morning by going directly to Petra , and we'll start the tour once we arrive to Wadi Mousa - Petra after 3 hours of driving ...The most of Petra city will be seen because we will walk all the distance from the Treasury (first site on Petra ) till the Monastery ,, if you are hike-lover like me , then we will take the challenge by hiking toward the Area of Sacrifice .... and you need to prepare yourself for long – long walk ,,, A horse ride / carriage can be used for elderly people , and our driver / tour guide will be escorting you from one place to another . Afternoon we will move toward Wadi Rum and spend the night at a Bedouin camp . The Camp is in the white desert in a unique and beautiful location, secluded and away from any other tourist camps. Ideally based for hiking, and lots of interesting desert features within short walking distance of the Camp, waiting to be discovered by you! Geologists think that this Wadi (the Arabic word for "valley") resulted from a great crack in the surface of the earth caused by an enormous upheaval, which shattered mammothpieces of granite, and sandstone ridges from the mountains of the Afro-Arabian shield. Some of the ridges are a 1000 feet high and topped with domes worn smooth by the desert winds. Early morning we will start the tour at Rum Valley where we will take you through the best and most beautiful areas of Wadi Rum. So where do we go on this tour? Lawrence Spring, Khazali Canyon: This canyon with many ancient inscriptions inside, once used by the local Bedouin to rest in the shade, especially in the hot summer. Red Sand Dunes: Anfishieh Inscriptions, Burdah Arch, 

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Wadi Rum Night Camp : Fire Evening -  : And this what you won't find it offered or presented by any tourism company in Jordan , or on other places ,,, the Personal touch that we deal with all our guests can be noticed very clear on this part ,,, where we will move after dinner time out of the camp to an isolated part "beside the camp" , and where we will set our private camp on that spot , all required tools and equipment is prepared and you will notice that yourself if you had the chance to take that part of the trip (Ice box with cold water and cold drinks ,

Expand your tour experience at Wadi Rum when taking our special offer trip (Petra – Wadi Rum Guided Tour with Mustafa ) to explore the universe during the night activity at the valley (This tour is available only Friday-Saturday  )

Wadi Rum Day Tour

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NB: Telescop activity is possible during summer time, where weather condition is good ...

Why This trip is a Special trip 

This is a fully guided tour ( Escorted from beginning to end with a licensed English speaking tour guide - Usually Mustafa)

We will visit Four places (Main attractions) in Two Days : Petra , Wadi Rum,  Wadi Al-Mujib Siq Trail "Water Trail (during April - Sep )"  and the Dead Sea.

Special camping activity with campfire  and Jeep tour for 2 hours  in Wadi Rum , hiking for a while on the most beautiful places in Wadi Rum.

Telescope and stargazing .

You would get hundreds of best photos on your life if the trip escorted with Mustafa - Usually it is escorted with Mustafa-

NB: Wadi Al Mujib is closed in winter time from November to end of March, and is replaced with a visit to Gulf of Aqaba city with half an hour Glass boat tour at the Red Sea for free.

and this is the camp where we are staying at Wadi Rum

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Wadi Rum Day Trip

Stargazing and watching some of the solar system planets like Jupiter , Uranus , the moon , Andromeda and other objects on the sky of Wadi Rum

Afterwards we would move toward Dana Reserve and keep moving afterwards toward Al Mujib and take the Siq Trail for two hours.

Dead Sea Day Tour

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Dead Sea Day Tour

Dead Sea Trip from Amman


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