Jordan 3 Day Tours

Three Full Days Guided Group Tour (Up to 6 travellers) to Petra (Overnight) , Wadi Rum (Overnight) & Dead Sea, price includes Two nights accommodation-Separate Room/Tent - not shared with others (one night at 3* hotel in Petra and one night at a Bedouin camp with Jeep Safari tour at Wadi Rum as well ... Tour is escorted with Mustafa -click here to see some of Mustafa's clients reviews on Tripadvisor - who is running a modern full size SUV ( Up to 6 persons). This is a group tour up to 6 travelers, and the final price depends on the group size, where you would get the lowest price when the group is filled up.

08 Attractions in 3 Days

First Jordan Attraction : Dana Nature Reserve

Dana Biosphere Reserve is Jordan's largest nature reserve, located in south-central Jordan. Dana Biosphere Reserve was founded in 1989 in the area in and around the Dana village and Wadi Dana comprising 308 square kilometres ( This is a quick stop on the part of the reserve for taking photos and continue - No hiking or trekking activity is planned ) .

Second Jordan Attraction : Shobak Castle

Part of the great beacon chain of Crusader fortresses, Shobak Castle is by far the most lonely. Built in 1115 AD by Baldwin I, who later built Karak, it was originally known as Mont Realis (Montreal) and was the first outpost of the kingdom of Jerusalem in the Crusader district of Outer Jordain. Situated on an isolated knoll overlooking the trade routes that ran through the wadi below, Shobak is breathtaking.

Third Jordan Attraction : Little Petra

Little Petra : also known as Siq al-Barid, literally "the cold canyon") is an archaeological site located north of Petra and the town of Wadi Musa in the Ma'an Governorate of Jordan. Like Petra, it is a Nabataean site, with buildings carved into the walls of the sandstone canyons. As its name suggests, it is much smaller, consisting of three wider open areas connected by a 450-metre (1,480 ft) canyon. It is part of the Petra Archeological Park, though accessed separately, and included in Petra's inscription as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.It is often visited by tourists in conjunction with Petra itself, since it is free and usually less crowded.

Fourth Jordan Attraction: Petra / The Rose – Red City

T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) wrote: " you will never know what Petra is like, unless you come out here. Only be assured that till you have seen it you have not had the glimmering of an idea how beautiful a place can be."

Fifth Jordan Attraction:  Wadi Rum

Known as The Valley of the Moon is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan 60 km (37 mi) to the east of Aqaba; it is the largest wadi in Jordan. Wadi Rum is Arabic for Roman Valley,or "Valley of the Romoioi" (Ρωμοιοί), as the Greeks were also called in the early Byzantine era by Arab people, probably referring to Christian Byzantine monastic or ascetic communities in the area, for which they were also known as "monks of the desert", before the expansion of the Rashidun Caliphate.

Wadi Rum Night Camp : Fire Evening -  : And this what you won't find it offered or presented by any tourism company in Jordan , or on other places ,,, the Personal touch that we deal with all our guests can be noticed very clear on this part ,,, where we will move after dinner time out of the camp to an isolated part "beside the camp" , and where we will set our private camp on that spot , all required tools and equipment is prepared and you will notice that yourself if you had the chance to take that part of the trip (Ice box with cold water and cold drinks,

Expand your tour experience at Wadi Rum when taking our special offer trip (Petra – Wadi Rum Guided Tour with Mustafa ) to explore the universe during the night activity at the valley (This tour is available only Friday-Saturday  )

Sixth attraction : The Museum at the Lowest Place on Earth

Built at the lowest elevation on earth, and less than a year old, this jewel-box of a museum showcases the Dead Sea region’s rich past.

No country has as many Biblical sites as Jordan.  The Dead Sea gets several mentions in the Bible, and it’s where the Dead Sea scrolls were found.  Jesus was baptized by John in Bethany-Beyond-the-Jordan, before the baptist lost his head in Machaerus.

In the hills east of Ghor as-Safi (ancient Zoar) a cave was found in 1991 with Early and Middle Bronze Age pottery inside. Speculation linked the finds with Abraham’s nephew Lot who, according to the Bible, moved to a cave in the hills above Zoar after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Museum at the Lowest Place on Earth

Seventh Jordan Attraction : Dead Sea Salt Beach.

Located at the Southern part of the Dead Sea, not very well known location, despite the fact that you would see it very clear while driving on the Dead Sea road coming from Aqaba city and after you pass the dry area that separate the upper part from the lower part of the Dead Sea. Despite that you can see it, but it looks far away to reach for different reasons, you need to walk around 500 meters to reach it, and in simple words : it is amazing and stunning and it indeed does worth a stop ( it is not a well known visited place neither for Jordanians or tourists because  there is no services at all at that spot and it doesn’t looks easy to reach - but it is easy.

Eught Jordan Attraction : Dead Sea Beach - Amman Beach.

Its 2km south of the main resort strip, is run by Amman municipality to give affordable access to the Dead Sea. The grounds are attractively landscaped and the beach is clean, with sun umbrellas, freshwater showers and a vibrant local flavour, making it a great place to strike up conversation with a Jordanian family.There are also a number of swimming pools, a restaurant (JD10 buffet), some drinks stalls, basketball courts and an amusement park next door.

Trip Itinerary:

First Day: Dana Reserve -Shoubak Castle-Little Petra (Petra overnight)

08:00 Hotel Pickup & moving toward Dana Natural Reserve . 

10:30 Arriving to Dana reserve. ( This is few minutes stop - view the scenery - take photos and keep moving. 

11:30 AL-Shoubak Castle visit.

13:00 Visiting little Petra and little Petra area.

16:00 Hotel Check in at Petra – Wadi Mousa city- Included in 3* Hotel with Breakfast

Second Day: Petra Full Day-Wadi Rum overnight ( time varies in summer and winter)

07:00 Starting Petra Tour - Guided tour

14:00 End of Petra tour Moving to Rum ( On summer time we can stay till 16:00 at Petra)

16:00 Arriving to Rum and moving towards Bedouin campsite .

20:30 Dinner ( Bedouin Zarp "Chicken , Grilled vegetables & salads) -Included

21:00 Night walk – Hiking under the stars in Rum Valley ( Depends on Weather condition).

23:00 Sleeping at the Camp- Included in Bedouin Camp

Third Day: Wadi Rum – Dead sea – Amman 

06:00 Early morning walk – Hiking at Wadi Rum. 

07:00 Having breakfast at the camp-Included 

08:00 Starting Morning Jeep Tour Safari

11:00 Moving toward Dead Sea.

15:00 Enjoying the sunset at Dead sea area 

18:00 Leaving back to Amman

19:00 Home/Hotel Drop off

What is Included / Excluded

All transportation according to the itinerary is included

Fully Guided Tour - Escorted with Licensed English speaking tour guide.

All Transportation is arranged using a modern full size SUV with AC including gas

One night Sleep at Petra in 3* Hotel with breakfast.

One night sleep in Bedouin Camp with Dinner & Breakfast and 2 hrs jeep tour in Rum are Included

Hotel Pick up & Hotel drop-off is included

Entry Fees, tips, Travel Insurance and other meals are not included.

NB: Tips are recommended for Driver/Tour guide (around 10% Total Charges)

For the People who are spending more than 3 nights in Jordan: Get Jordan Pass before arrival - it make a difference - Check for more details.



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