2 Day Group Tour: Petra, Wadi Rum & Dead Sea


Trip Overview

 Explore Jordan’s natural wonders and ancient history on a 2-day, small-group tour of Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea. Travel by climate-controlled vehicle with an English-speaking driver as you explore Petra’s rock-cut architecture, go off-road in Wadi Rum, , and soak up the mineral-rich mud of the Dead Sea. Then, spend the night beneath the stars and enjoy an evening of Bedouin cuisine and culture.

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Trip Highlights

  •  - Explore Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the new seven wonders.
  •  - Spend one night and discover the desert of Wadi Rum on a 4x4 tour (local Bedouin cars).
  •  - Visit & soak up the mineral-rich waters of Dead Sea.

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 - Petra, Wadi Rum ,and the Dead Sea Two Full Days Tour from Amman.

 - English speaking Driver all over the trip.

 - A modern vehicle is used with AC including gas. (Sedan Car or H1 Van).

 - Water, 2 Hours Jeep Tour at Rum Valley & one night sleep at a Bedouin camp including dinner & breakfast.

 - Home / Hotel pick-up and drop-off.

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  •  - Entrance fees.
  •  - Local tour guides.
  •  - Meals and other expenses unless specified.
  •  - Travel Insurance.

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Additional Info

  •  - Confirmation will be received at time of booking.
  •  - A moderate amount of walking is involved, wear sensible shoes. 
  •  - For the Wadi Rum overnight stay you need your personal items, towel, toothbrush, and warm clothes as it gets cold in the desert at night in winter times.
  •  -The Jeep tour at Wadi Rum is taken with the Bedouin cars / trucks which are provided with back seats ( no air conditioning and open air - suitable clothes during December - January  like warm hats to cover your ears, neck and face is highly recommended.
    •  -The camp at Wadi Rum is basic camp in a good location, consist of Tents, with beds, blankets , public Toilets, dining room - all necessaries for life including electricity via solar system (No heating system on the tents. (Air conditioning and private toilette  is available only with with the Luxury option - Luxury camp).
    - For the Group Tour Option (up to 7) : It is very important to be ready on the scheduled times particularly for pick up in the morning which is between 06:30 - 07:30 - if these times doesn't fit you or you need flexible time  then this option will not work with you - go for the private tour option.

Cancellation Policy

 Cancelation prior 30 Days of starting the tour is fully refunded, any cancelation within the last 30 days before starting the tour is NOT refunded.

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Trip Itinerary

First Day : Petra Full Day –Wadi Rum overnight

07:00   Home / Hotel Pickup & moving toward Petra area.

10:00   Arriving to Petra & starting the tour - Self Guided Tour.

15:00   Moving toward Wadi Rum.

17:00   Arriving to Rum and Moving toward the Bedouin camp site inside Rum Valley 12 Km from Rum Village ).

20:30   Dinner ( Bedouin Zarp "Chicken , Grilled vegetables & salads) - Included.

23:00   Sleeping at the camp- Included.

Second Day : Wadi Rum – Dead sea beach

07:00   Having breakfast at the camp - Included.

08:00   Starting morning Jeep Safari tour at Rum Valley.

10:00   Moving towards Dead sea Area.

15:00   Enjoying the beach & sunset at Dead sea area.

17:00   Leaving back to Amman.

18:00   Home / Hotel drop off.


Site Highlights

Petra  (Pink City Of Petra)

 The city of Petra, capital of the Nabataean Arabs, is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, it is Located 240 km south of the capital Amman and 120 km north of the red sea town of Aqaba, Petra the world wonder is undoubtedly Jordan's most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction, and it is visited by tourists from all over the world.

 It is not known precisely when Petra was built, but the city began to prosper as the capital of the Nabataean Empire from the 1st century BC, which grew rich through trade in frankincense, myrrh, and spices.

Wadi Rum

 Wadi Rum also known as The Valley of the Moon is a valley cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan 60 km (37 mi) to the east of Aqaba; it is the largest wadi in Jordan. The name Rum most likely comes from an Aramaic root meaning 'high' or 'elevated'.To reflect its proper Arabic pronunciation, archaeologists transcribe it as Wadi Ramm .

The Dead Sea

 Located in the Jordan Valley, part of the Great Rift Valley that runs from East Africa to Turkey, the Dead Sea is the remains of a giant inland lake. Lake Lisan was 200 kilometers long and approximately 200 meters deeper than the current level of the Dead Sea. As it contracted, it left Lake Tiberias and the Dead Sea, which at 408 meters below sea level is the lowest point on earth.

 The salt content of the sea is 20%, eight times the level of the world's oceans. This concentration contributes to the amazing buoyancy of the water and is a legacy of years of evaporation. The only life forms left in the Dead Sea are eleven species of bacteria. The waters are rich in minerals, including calcium, magnesium, bromine, iodine, and bitumen. All these have healing properties that can alleviate or ease allergies, skin rashes, bronchial irritations or glandular conditions. Visitors come from all over the world to ease or cure their conditions at the medical treatment centers at the Dead Sea. Even those suffering only from ennui can enjoy the high-quality spas in the area. In addition, due the unique depth of its location, the climate and quality of sunshine in the Dead Sea area is beneficial. Dead Sea salts and mud are known worldwide for their healthful properties.


Petra QandA

Is it necessary to get a tour guide along Petra or the offered 2 hours will be enough ?

Kindly note that 2 hours tour guide, will cover all area -from visitor center -basin area  (Restaurant area) starts with the Siq , the Treasury, Street of  facade, Theater ,Royal Tombs ,Great Temple Complex  and princess palace,, later on you can walk all the way to Monastery by yourself if you want .

Can I explore Petra myself after the 2 hours or should I pay extra for tour guide ?

In Petra you just need to follow the path, and they have explanation signs on each place you reach, you will be given a sitemap with the ticket at Petra visitor center, and each spot on Petra has explaining signs with 3 major languages. A local site tour guide along Petra (for site detailed information) can be requested if desired. Local tour guides can be requested and arranged in Petra Visitor center if not included at your itinerary, and it will cost 50 JD (around 70$) for basic trail coverage - around 2-3 hours.  First suggested trail to visit Petra: from visitor center -Basin area  (Restaurant area) starts with the Siq , the Treasury, Street of  facade, Theater, Royal Tombs, Great Temple Complex  and princess palace, can be taken in first day - 4 hrs and it will cost you 50 JD, later on you can walk all the way to Monastery in the same day- 2 hrs and it can be self-guided (with guide will cost you another 50 JD). Way 2 in the second day- from visitor center to High Area of Sacrifice and Back Area (Wadi Farasa) and the guide will cost you 50 JD (Guide is Highly Recommended) , you may continue to Mount Around on that day (Guide is recommended and will cost you 50 JD) During my hundreds of visits to Petra, I was able to cover the main trail, the Monastery and the back trail - Wadi Farasa and high area of Sacrifice few times, this involves walking around 16km, and climbing over 2000 steps, equivalent to going 213 floors according to my iphone health application.

Would we arrange for a local guide at Petra when we get there, or can that be pre-arranged. Or do we not need ?

Kindly note that our driver will drop you at the visitors center and wait for you, if you need a tour guide at the site you can hire one from the visitors center (no booked in advance)  this would cost you another 71 US$ for two hours or 145  US$ for four hours or 215 US$ for full coverage,, But note that you just need to follow the path, and they have explanation signs on each place you will reach - (you will be given a site map with the ticket on the visitors center- it is really helpful) , and each spot on Petra has an explanation sign.

Are there specific days to do Petra at night - Petra by Night? How much does it cost ?

Petra by night is every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, starting at 20:00 You can buy the ticket there for 17JD/P. Petra by night activity is arranged by a private company so you can do the visit as long as you purchased this activity ticket , and you don’t need to have Petra ticket at all ( Saying this, you just need Petra one day ticket for the main Petra tour same day or next day ).

What kind of animals we might use at Petra, and how often we need to use any ?

Petra is a huge site, and you will get the chance to ride on different stages at Petra according to your desire and ability to walk: you may ​take the free horse ride from Petra visitors center to the beginning of the Siq ( about 600 meters - 5 $ tip is expected to the horse man ) you may take a carriage from Petra visitors center till the Treasury ( 3 km - cost 25 ​ JD for 2 ​ including the way back at the end of the day ) , You may take a horse or camel ride from the treasury to the first step to the Monastery ( 3 km - around 15 JD / P ) You may take donkeys on going up to the Monastery ( 800 steps - around 10 JD/P) You may take any, according to the same order during your way back to the visitor's center.