Hotels Partnership Program

Hotels - Tour Agency PartnerShip Program. 

We have developed an application with our local partner (App Developer) based on the Jordanian market. This application creates a partnership between three stakeholders; the Hotel, oursevles as Tour Agency and App Developer, using modern technologies directly with the aim of marketing and running various tourist trips within Jordan for the mutual benefit of all parties

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According to our research, most of Hotel guests are interested in going on local tours during their stay in Jordan. Some would have already booked their tours with different tour operators before arriving to the country, while the rest come to visit Jordan without any pre-arranged schedules and would therefore ask the Hotel to arrange such tours. Different scenarios could apply on how the Hotel would arrange this, in most cases the Hotel would not benefit from selling the tour to the guest, and sometimes the guest would be encouraged by the Hotel to directly arrange with independent drivers who might actually be unprofessional or uncontrolled and thus create a negative experience for guests which can affect their feedback on the Hotel itself.  

Our application is designed with the benefit of all stakeholders in mind. Through our application, which is accessible through tablets that could be set up in any area within the Hotel, Hotel guests would be able to view various available tours within Jordan and book their desired tour online, Tablets are connected and marked with the Hotel name, consequently all tours that are booked through these tablets are registered and counted for each Hotel. Hotel Management will receive weekly emails specifying the numbers of the booked tours under the Hotels name. At the end of each month, the Hotel will receive its share of the tours selling prices; which is suggested to be set at 10%.

We hope that your Hotel is interested in this collaboration opportunity as we are eager to build a sustainable, participatory and interactive relationship between Hotels and Travel Agencies in Jordan. We are available to discuss this opportunity further with your team.

Benefits of this Partnership:

This is a partnership relation , and the Hotel will get a fixed 10% of all sales and booking originated from any tablet within the Hotel parameter.

Hotel will be dealing with Official and Licensed tour company rather than dealing with individual drivers.

Provide hotel guests with easy and quick service to arrange their tours within Jordan.