Partnership program with 10% commision

Become our partner by selling our tours on your site / facility and Get 10% commision of the sold tours. 

Any tour provider or facility that deals with tourism like tour agencies in Jordan or worldwide, tour operators, Hotels and others can become our partners by selling our tours on their website or facility and they will get a 10% commision on all the tours that are sold on their website or through the facility. 

The system is very simple and it work by either one of two ways:

Copy and embed our booking code into your website , this code works on most sites very smoothly, fast and reliable. The use of the code is very simple  and we could do all the required work on your behalf. We would create a partnership account on your behalf and by this way all the booking that is made from your page or facility is recorded for you , and you would get an email every time a booking is performed or done through your site or facility, and we will pay / transfer the 10% commision on your behalf at the end of each month. This code is used on your website or hotel internal platform and displayed to hotel or facility clients in their rooms. 

We could provide your facility with a tablet that is displaying and advertising our tours , so clients can do the booking easily and directly from the tablet and pay online for their tours. This is more reliable and very useful especially for the hotels in Jordan, where clients could arrange for their tours in Jordan through the tablet and the hotel / facility will get 10% commision on all the tours that are booked through this tablet. 


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